[The Accountant] How does the score computation works when new validators are added?


I think that new validators have been recently added to the contest “The accountant” while the contest was already opened and several codes were submitted. How did you update the scores ?

I submitted a naïve code that scores 71% of the first validators early on the contest. I got a score of 5363. I worked to improve my code and resubmitted several times to pass (almost) all the validators with an 96% and ~8500 points.

When the new validators were added, my solution was not adapted for large scale scenarios and I scored 0% of the new validators. My “best” code was resubmitted with a lower score (82% instead of 96%) but all of my previous submitted scores have not been resubmitted.

  • Why the previous scores (in results/history tab) are not re-computed ? It is hard to “compare” the scores of our code as they depend on the available validators at the time of submission.
  • Did the previous scores still count for the challenge or the ranking will be updated soon ?
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oops maybe a duplicate of: [The Accountant] Final validation and codingpoints

It would be great if old scores:

  • are automatically resubmitted on each addition of new Validators
  • are marked as “not relevant” if they have been submitted before the addition of new validators.

It was not possible to recalculate all the submissions sent during a whole week in a reasonable amount of time. Hence, only the submission that provided the best score has been resubmitted. However, you are free to resubmit manually any code.

Ok, I understand. Thanks you for your reply !