The accountant - info on validators?

Hi all,

First of all: great contest, thanks :slight_smile:

Would there be a way to get some high-level information on the validators used?
Right now there are 34 validators but only 32 test cases. The tests cases have clear titles, but the validators don’t.

I’m passing all the tests but failing validator 31. My problem is I have no idea what this means…
Would there be a way to have a title for each validator, or some basic explanation of what’s being validated?
I’m not asking for specific info, like how many enemies, nor their position. I just want to get a rough idea of what’s going on

I hope this wouln’d impact the difficulty of the contest too much, I’m just trying to figure things out.

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First of all: thanks :smiley:

We’ve purposefully made the validators for this challenge particularly challenging and we will not be giving away any hints. However we feel that in future contests we’ll at least let players know in what way their code has failed (timeout, invalid input, etc…). but that is still in discussion.

However, I can assure you that all the validators are at worst harder versions of situations that are given somewhere in the testcases.

I’m sorry I cannot help you more in this case. Maybe you let Wolff get surrounded and it’s impossible to escape? That happened to me a lot.


I really hope that in the future those validators are telling why they fail. Or at least saying “timeout happened”. It is really frustrating to use time to figure out why validator 34 fails. I would like to optimize, but now, I have to use my short amount of free time for looking a failure which I do not have any idea.

Thank you for these contests and puzzles, those are great! The Best moments what I have had with programming in long time.

Looking for the better tomorrow,



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this is what we have in mind.

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