[The Accountant] Is it a bug?

Taste case 11) Tension
Example: https://www.codingame.com/replay/solo/141959597
step 4->5
Wolf moves
Enemy 4 moves to point no. 1 Distanse is 472, so on end this turn enemy should collect the data.

Next move.
Wolf shot 4 and kill him, point no. 1 is still in game

How is it possible?

The rules state if they are within 500 of the data they move to the data location.

Then in data pickup phase, if they are in the same location, the data is picked up.

So that mean at the start of a turn that have to be in range. What is not 100% clear to me is “in range mean” <= 500 or < 500.

Also note the shoot phase happens before pickup phase, so if you can kill them “this round” they don’t pickup the data even though they are on it.

Well that’s how I read it…

Ah…I see.

hm…they wrote:

If the enemy is less than 500 units away, the data point is lost and the enemy moves onto its coordinates.

so I was think, at the same moment. A mean <500, means data point is loss, and at the same moment enemy moves to data point coords.

But what you wrote have a sense, big sense. thanks

they do say that, and then three lines later:

The order in which actions happens in between two rounds is:
Enemies move towards their targets.
If a MOVE command was given, Wolff moves towards his target.
Game over if an enemy is close enough to Wolff.
If a SHOOT command was given, Wolff shoots an enemy.
Enemies with zero life points are removed from play.
Enemies collect data points they share coordinates with.

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