[The Accountant] Possible error in scoring/ranking

The rules for The Accountant state:
“The players with the most points across all validation test cases at the end of the 2 weeks will be the winners.”
“Your score is computed from the total points earned across all test cases.”
“It is in not necessary to succeed all of the given test cases to have a good score”

However it seems to be favoring percentage complete over score.
I have the following submissions:
9 minutes ago
SCORE 89% POINTS 11,463

11 minutes ago
SCORE 93% POINTS 11,507
6 hours ago
SCORE 96% POINTS 7,460

Yet my score/ranking is the one with 96% and 7460 points, not the 11507 points version.

The Leaderboard table is also sorted by percentage first, points second - which leads me to believe the implementation of scoring/ranking is at odds with the instructions.

If the version being selected is the one with the highest percentage, I’ll have to get working on that percentage :slight_smile:

Seems normal, ranking is done first on percentage and after on points. It was done like that with Code vs Zombie challenge.
So you should first aim to have 100% completion rate, and after only improve your score.

Oh, I have no problem with it being done that way, and agree that 100% is the goal - except that the rules imply otherwise.
Especially bad if you happened to submit a really low scoring, but 100% solution (e.g. shoots one guard then runs away) but then made a much better one from a score point of view that fails once and gets a lower percentage.

The rules do imply that score is the foremost deciding factor, and I apologize for the confusion caused.
But I can confirm what julien_maria stated ; ranking is done first on percentage, then points.

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