The Accountant: Replaced IDE code


upon release of new validators my IDE code was replaced with that of my best previous score upon leaving and entering IDE (no sending of game parameters to IDE).
Luckily I had a local copy of my code.

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I didn’t have the same luck. And have lost my work.

Is there any way to recover the code ?

Why Codingame cleared the code ?

They did a force resubmit to everyone, which took the submission that scored the best. It’s similar to when you enter a new league in a competition and they discard everything you’ve had after you’ve submitted your code. No sane reason to do that, but that’s how the system works atm.

I still don’t understand why the resubmit was necessary, and why they didn’t let people to submit by themselves when they wanted to, apart from rendering the site unreachable for 20 minutes. I realize this would leave some guys sitting on 100% while not being able to complete half of the new validators, but does that really matter since the scores are now at least doubled?

Sorry about that! When we reran the submissions on the new test cases, we’ve done a new submit, which has reseted your code in the IDE. We haven’t anticipated this bug when we decided to resubmit the codes.

We’re thinking about what we can do. Sorry again for the inconvenience, meanwhile you can ask me in private to send you your code, for that I’ll need the link to your IDE.

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Wow! Thank goodness I code in an external IDE and just copy-paste ready versions into the web page. That is much more convenient with all those features external IDEs can provide, and much safer as well.

For those who didn’t play any test case since the add of new test cases, the code should be restored now. For the others, just ask me.