The Accountant Test 12 Cornered

I thought about predicting where the bad guys are going, but it seemed like a lot work. I finally got through test 34 by simply looking for a clear spot to run to when running seemed like a good idea. No looking ahead, just working on current positions. My score will probably be down in the basement, but at least my character survived.

More mucking about and I find that, yes, that is exactly what happens when Wolff dies: he turns to the North. And I fixed my problem. Now I only fail on Validator 34. Given my earlier failures, I have a clue about what might be causing the problem and how I might handle it, but no good ideas on how to implement it.

Try to predict where all the enemies will be moving to in the next turn, then make sure that you move Wolff out of range of all enemies.

The 2000 range is check after both you and the enemy move. so being closer than 2500 means they could walk into you.