[The Accountant] Validator 10

Hello !
I seem to be having a problem with validator 10 ? All the test cases work and every other validator except that one, does anyone know what it is about ?
Also, how do points work, if I pass a validator do I get the maximum amount of points for that validator, or is there a pass/fail range ? Thank you !

For me that’s the validator 23, 27, 28 i hava a problem with :relaxed:

You fail a validator the same way you fail a test case in the IDE, ie by being killed, scoring 0 points, timing out or crashing. If you pass a validator it means you didn’t get killed and scored at least a single point. You won’t be able to tell if you’ve reached the maximum point for any given validator (as there are cases where the maximum is not known).


Ok I get it, thanks !

I think that 28 has something to do with the number of enemies in the simulation ?

The 10th one is probably about an enemy or a group of enemies coming in your way. I had the same issue and after some tweaks on my algorithm addressing this scenario I got it passed (Y)

I did absolutely nothing and now when they introduced the new validators it works, but now the 34th doesn’t :smile: