The Accountant:- Was not able to submit my latest code

Well, this was my first contest, where I registered and participated as well, I really liked it. Though I was not able to work on it most of the time, but I got time from my schedule to work on it on and off.

I faced a problem, whatever changed I made in last one hour I was not able to submit. It was telling that I have submitted upto the limit in a row.

I agree I made a lot of small changes today, and I used to test it against validators so you guys should stop me from submitting for sometime, but that sometime shouldn’t be 1 hour.

On a side note I was expecting that at the last it will take my last code whatever I have at the time 0:0:0:0, so I made my changes just 2 mins before whatever I wanted, but that also didn’t work.

Thought it wouldn’t make a lot of difference as my rank is above 1000, but still I was expecting atleast at 0:0:0:0 time I will be able to submit my latest code.

Other than above I would rate the contest as 10/10, because it was a great exercise to break my head. I would expect these kind of contest in future as well by codinggame. It’s a wonderful and great platform.

Thank You
Mritunjay Dubey