The Great Escape - Missing relevant information

My AI needs some relevant information that is missing from the input.

In order to estimate the opponents behaviors, it has to know the exact move of the opponents.
Most of the times it is possible to infer the moves by diffing the current and previous state, but in cases where both the opponents choose to put a wall, then it is impossible to know which one put which wall!

And even when it is possible to infer the actual move, it is still painful to do that when you could easily know that for free.

so its not full information game but partial information game. deal with it : )
You cant have always all informations u want, it wouldnt be so fair if they would change it now.

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Thanks for the feedback, but as @d_misior says, we can’t change the protocol now the challenge has started.
Most of the time, we think giving the player the strict minimum to work with in the input makes a more interesting challenge.

Keep Coding :slight_smile: