The Great Escape - Ties

If multiple players finish on the same turn then they should get the same points. However, it seems that the engine gives the most points to the player who was first in order. This doesn’t seem very fair or am I missing something?


I’d say it’s a feature

I can’t see any sense in this feature, it just increases number of games for more correct leaderboard.

Permutations :wink:

And it would be nonsense to think that we don’t need permutations if equality was produced in these cases:
The first player has always more choices for walls position, so there is already an advantage (or maybe an inconvenient, for certain strategy or for the bigger search space).

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I think this is ok. In the majority of “analog” board games players don’t move simultaneously, but they alternate their turns.

Like cup_of_tea said, there is a permutation system.

To be fair the game is replayed multiple times between the players, with all possible combinations of paramters (players orders, players start position, …). The result of all those combinations give a winer (or a tie) and the final score points is computed according to this final result only.