The Great Escape - Wall Constraints

the actual constraints regarding wall placement in the great escape are:

0 ≤ wallX, putX< w
0 ≤ wallY, putY< h

i know it pointless to place a wall at 0 or at w, but (for both sides to be the same) I still think this should either be:

0 < wallX, putX< w
0 < wallY, putY< h


0 ≤ wallX, putX≤ w
0 ≤ wallY, putY≤ h

do you think the same? or am i missing something obvious?

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The constraints are right because you place a wall on the upper left corner of a case.

So if you place a horizontal wall wallX can be from 0 to 7 and wallY from 1 to 8.
Same way for a vertical wall, wallX ranges from 1 to 8 and wallY from 0 to 7.

So with w = h = 9 the absolute constraints are met.

i guess it makes sense if you cant place a vertical wall on wallX = 0, or a horizontal wall at wallY = 0
I thought you could