The solution page displays just few random solutions

Hello, there,
I’m new to this community but I’ve immediately noticed my solution (which is way better than any other solution on the solution page) doesn’t show on the solution page.

The XHR request called “findBestSolutions” should have a pagination option and should be possible to ask the server for the next 50 solutions, just as any website with long answers does.

I think it’s important for a competitive and learning community to have his solution visible.

Let me know if something is possible to be done. :blush:

Are you sure you’ve clicked on the share button?

Yes, I did. (:
But check this out:
You can filter by all languages or a specific language, right? So if the website shows ALL solutions for the given filter why does the “all languages” show the exact same amount as if I filter for “Javascript”? It must be restricted to the first X amount of solutions which is bad.