The tutorial, and the quotes arounds the variables

Hello, i read that question again and again on the tchat, about the toturial : why don’t my canon fire ? And the answer is always : remove the quotes. So would it be possible to remove them directly in the example given ?

Edit : No full code. :slight_smile:

Please remove the quotes.

You have to print the name of the Enemy not just "enemy1" or "enemy2"

So print the String enemy1,enemy2

Nope, the answer is: learn how to code.

I’m sorry to be that harsh, but when you remove the quote it is using the variable, it might be useful this time, but it definitely won’t be for all the other puzzle. You need to learn basic variables handling, loop and conditional statements (in whatever language you’re using).

That’s the 101, once you get that, you’ll get what i mean.

By the way, use onboarding puzzle topic, i close this one.