The tutorial for "Coders Strike Back: Pod Race" keeps looping and will not let me continue

So I beat the very first boss about a dozen times now and once I do, I can neither submit my code nor access the multiplayer; every time I try to join, I have to do the tutorial again. Apparently I am not the first one this has happened to today.

Thank you for your time,


What do you mean by you cannot submit your code? What happens?

Every button on the lower right is greyed out and deactivated once I beat the boss by adjusting the speed. I get the (presumably) last panel of the tutorial with “You are now ready to move on to better things” (something to that effect, I did it in french.) But then, nothing, as mentioned it won’t let me submit nor test again and it doesn’t take me to another webpage on its own.

Same Problem here. Tried reloading the page and going through the tutorial again, no use.
(Java, Chrome Browser)

Bug confirmed, sorry for the inconvenience, it should be fixed tomorrow.

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I was able to go on to wood league, I think it’s fixed. Thanks!