The very basics?

Will you ever add the very very basics of coding,
Like the first tutorial made you write over piece of code,
And I liked that part but than I do the training…
And I’ve no idea what I’m doing so I clicked on tips…
And it just says what I must do, doesn’t really give me a example to write down,

So my request is,
Pieces of note that show what to do than,
For example:
“use { To open a new function, Use static void, which allows you to create… blabla”
Something like that, a more detailed training… so I’m left with a deeper knowledge of what the hack I am doing and what I should be doing and why I am doing that.

Like this website really looks something useful for me since I have ADHD, and I’m dyslectic I’ve issues with… Reading books, But this website is interactive and teachs me in a way which draws my attention rather than making me loss attention because of a wall of text,