There is no Spoon - Episode 2 : Bug Expert Test


I have a issue with expert test on There is no Spoon - Episode 2.

I have found a solution, but test don’t read all my lines.

For exemple I have try this code (python) :

import sys
import math

# The machines are gaining ground. Time to show them what we're really made of...

width = int(input())  # the number of cells on the X axis
height = int(input())  # the number of cells on the Y axis
for i in range(height):
    line = input()  # width characters, each either a number or a '.'

print('2 0 13 0 2')
# ...
print('7 16 7 18 1') 

Sometime, test stop after 24 step, if i retry test stop after 29 step.

I don’t understand how it’s possible, I think this is a bug.

edit: removed full solution

Regardless of the problem, a hard-coded solution won’t help you for the validators.

That being said, it seems that there is a problem with this puzzle indeed, my solution with 100% (taken directly from my history of submissions) cannot pass some IDE and validation tests.

Maybe a staff member will come across this thread, but to speed things up, you can send an e-mail to (it is the recommended way of reporting bugs, so that there is no risk of showing too much information to other players).

I think that it’s a common problem in Python/Python3 enviroment.
You have to make your program keep running after output all answer.

My old Thor game code also failed, And add a endless loop in code golf just drive me crazy…

If it’s true, it’s a new problem.

And I added while True: pass to the end of my spoon2 code, now it times out on all examples. :slight_smile:

Guessing that my endless loop method only works for turn based game…, so the Python env really needs to be fixed.

Thank’s for reply.

while True: pass doesn’t work for me.
But while True: print('') work fine.

I have the same issue on this puzzle using Java and it happens on most of the test cases but it’s most obvious on the last three.
Placing an empty while(true) cycle at the end of the code solves the issue for me too.

I confirm the same behavior for my Javascript solution. I needed to put a while(true) cycle after my print() statement in order to make it pass. There’s something wrong here.

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It will be fixed asap.

This is fixed. A few days ago, we implemented an enhancement that would allow to terminate the “play” action more quickly when your program exits. We just forgot to check that there was no more input to read once the process is terminated. This is fixed now.

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