There is no Spoon: final report <> tests

Hi, first thank you for this spectacular event, it was fun!

Not that it will change much but when i was developing question 2, my code was successful for the first 3 tests:
Très simple

but on the final report after submission they are marked as failed…
A bit frustrating, it is as if i coded question 2 for nothing.

are the tests different for the final report?

Ofc, they are differents, it the case for all the CG puzzles and it’s written in the statement with a red exclamation mark :smiley:

Warning: the tests provided are similar to the validation tests used to compute the final score but remain different. This is a “harcoding” prevention mechanism. Harcoded solutions will not get any points.

ok, ofc that makes sense.

i am just a bit disappointed my code did not perform the same in the final tests.

i guess i have to do better next time :slight_smile:

is there any way to see other peoples code?

With luck, it can also be the other way around. During my second contest (Kirk’s Quest), my code passed 2 validation tests it was failing in IDE. :smile: