There is no spoon : Ranking score

Hi !

I noticed a problem with the allocation of points for the contest “There is no spoon”.
According to the new algo : N ^ ((N-C + 1) / N) (all formulas here), being 379/1628 I should have 292 points however I only have had 127.
Furthermore, looking at the other scores around mine, I realized that this also applies to other participants.
So I don’t understand at all, are the scores are not final? Is there a new algo? Or something else?

Thank you to enlighten me.

Only those with a score > 0% are included for points distribution, and that’s 1195 players. Now, if you apply the new formula: 1195 ^ ((1195 - 379 + 1) / 1195) = 127. :wink:

If people who did 0% were included, it means they would be earning points for not solving anything and it could boost every other contestant.

Thank you for your answer ! :wink:

Indeed you are right, it’s fairer for everybody !