Training puzzle solved by percentage

Hi, I don’t understand how percentages are calculated:
On the main list of puzzle, when the cursor is over a puzzle, the number of user who solved it, is displayed
On the detail of a puzzle, a percentage of completion is displayed
But there are inconsistencies when comparing 2 or more puzzles.

Ex :
Network Cabling : 6150 users solved it and the percentage is 68%
Mayan Calculation : 5444 users solved it and the percentage is 82%

How can a puzzle with less users have a higher percentage?


I am not entirely sure but I think the completion percentage refers to the percentage of people who submitted at least once and finished with 100%. Meaning that in the first case 32% of the people submitted a version that didn’t go to 100% of completion :slight_smile:

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It is <# people attempted> / <# people solved> * 100 where “attempted” refers to those who have either run at least one test case or have clicked the Submit button, and “solved” refers to those who have submitted code that passes 100% of validators.

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Is this explained somewhere ? I could not found it.


I’ll try to add it to the new FAQ.