Two problems

I have just joined codingame, and I am having few issues with it.

First one is, I am getting this:

“A higher resolution is needed to access the ide.”

I am using chrome on a windows 10 laptop, and despite searching for this problem I did not find any similar problem. Also, I did not tampered with the resolution at all.

Second, when the resolution was not a problem, I tried to change the language. but not only the languages were appearing awkwardly, but when I clicked on my preferred language, it did not change.

The languages appeared like this, (random example):

also, I would like to put this here as well, I am blind and I am using a screenreader to browse this site. So please keep that in mind.

I’m afraid that there is very little chance that the IDE and the website works with a screenreader.

The problem is not the accessibility of the IDE, since I can always copy the code to notepad or my preferred editor and work with it that way. but at least it should be there, instead of complete absence of it as it is currently.

A member of Codingame can give your more details, i’m just a moderator. I can only assume codingame never tested the IDE with a screenreader.


Everything worked out after I entered full screen mode in chrome. But it still is rather disconcerting, since I really don’t need to look at my screen for coding. selecting Languages is still somewhat clunky, but I did manage to do that as well.