Uh... forum post achievements are lame

I mean… it is good to see that Web 1.5 is still alive and well (With Web 1.0 not having the Common Gateway Interface and chatting being via USENET and IRC). I understand some people also use Debian Linux in their Amish communities to raise barns as well (gonna be another barn raising on Debian soon).

The thing is, even without forums being awkward in our current days of Web 3.11 For Workgroups… there is the notion that this will lead to more crap posting than anything else.

I know, I’ve successfully gotten similar achievements on other websites. I did it by crap posting. I couldn’t have done it by posting intelligent, well thought out and quite poignantly delivered material. People really hold no interest in that for the most part. Be fucking hilarious (like I always am) and everybody responses well.

I imagine there will be similar achievements over the addition of Web 3.0’s more stream based ways of handling stuff (Web 2.0 was about tagging, and relationship based data storage, Web 3.11 is streaming network with the addition of Though Bubbles… Yes, I am trendy–but only for ironic reasons). And there really isn’t too much issue to have achievements over how many people are following you or that you are following–as those are harder to fudge (without it being obvious to everybody).

I dunno… this isn’t me bitching about people not liking my posts–as well, I haven’t posted anything, and if I did, you’d love the shit out of all my posts and beg for more. It is more… it doesn’t seem like a good way to handle getting people into the forums.

So uh yeah…


I enjoyed reading your post, but since liking it seemed kind of ironic, I have to leave this useless comment instead.


On the other hand, you can just use the forums to talk and not care about the achievements. And even if you do care, the likes will eventually come, slowly.

And these achievements have been there for a long time, I haven’t seen too much “crap posting” on the forums, and the moderation doesn’t need to be too harsh either (2 weeks ago there wasn’t even a pinned topic for the forum rules!)… so why worry?

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Moreover if you’re shitposting, I’ll know and remove your post, topic, and likes if needed :sunglasses:

I can assure you that the few people that already got 100 likes are the ones that provided quality content (like @SaiksyApo sync app)

Those achievements gives so few points that it is not really relevant to do shitposting …

This is a brillant reverse psychology post to get all the likes.
Just kidding :slight_smile:


The thing is, I was actually discouraged to check out the forums after seeing that achievement…

Exactly. It’s currently at most 30 CP I think (for 50 likes…). I don’t know how many CP you have but for me it would be less than 1% of my achievement CP. It’s just a way to encourage people to participate to the forum.

Personally, I believe that the CP system could be improved and your feedback, dakedesu, is interesting. It raises questions that deserve to be discussed.