Unable to find replay button


I have recently tried Code vs zombies and reached 90% after pressing submit (All test cases are OK).

I fail two of the validators and at the bottom is a text containing " To look at why a validator has failed, click on the replay button".

I can however not find any replay button to press…

I am using Firefox on Windows 10 if that makes any difference…

Ah yes, quite right. We will correct this shortly.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

EDIT: Just to be clear, correcting this does not necessarily mean a replay button will be added, it might just be the removal of the text :innocent:

Well… I think the button would be needed… at least for me… since it is quite hard to blindly solve a problem I cant reproduce… well you probably know how that is already…

Indeed, which is why the button exists in ordinary puzzles.
However, optimisation problems impact your ranking in the community, which makes cheating a more serious issue.
We are currently debating alternatives. Thanks for the feedback.

Of course cheating would be a problem.

May I suggest a solution? you probably have this under discussion already but if you dont, well here it comes:

Make the real tests random but similar. You can of course offset all test coordinates and mirror them along 4 different axis without making any difference at all to the end result. this would make a hard coded sulution harder but still possible of course, the order and id of humans and zombies in the input may also be randomized for each test. Depending on the test may there be other factors to randomize too of course…

I don’t know if this helps you decide what to do in any way of course but I send it with good intents and hope you find a good solution.

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