Undeserved/Non-existent League Promotion

This is pretty self-explanatory, you can see what’s wrong in the screenshot below. My achievements log recorded my promotion to Gold in the Amadeus Challenge as a “Promotion to Legend” whereas, in reality, I am still in the gold league. (Also, add to this the fact that legend hasn’t seem to be released yet.)

Scrolling through my notifications, however, I get the expected notification of “Better than the boss… will be promoted to Gold league soon”.

Also, it seems like I got an extra, undeserved 250xp. I feel bad. :frowning:

This seems like a bug… although if this is a feature…

Only, because you got promoted after the removal of the planned legend league. That how it looks like when you got promoted before:

Hmm, okay, thanks for the reply.

But any reason why this happens? If it’s a feature, it’s an interesting feature. However, it looks more like a bug/glitch to me.

Of course it’s a bug. I didn’t check but bet you get 250xp for bronze->silver now as well.
On the other hand it’s a one-time issue (this won’t be a multiplayer and is over soon), so I’m not sure if reducing the awarded points is worth the effort.

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