Unhandled Exception in Coders Strike Back

I am programming a bot for CSB in VB.NET. I ran the Code in the IDE without error, then changed a little thing in my code and tried to run it again. But every time I run it again I get an “Unhandled Exception”. I tried to reconstruct the former Code, ran the Code again and got the “Unhandled Exception” again. Even if I try to print an error stream line right at the beginning of my Sub Main() I get the “Unhandled Exception” without getting the error stream line. It seems that the exception occors before the first line was executed.
Do you have an idea what could be wrong? I have no clue.

VB.NET code is running with Mono, which is, in one side, allows some strange (and sometimes very helpful, in golf especially) things, that the classic VS compiler doesn’t, but on other side, current version is only VS 2005 compatible and very buggy. Also Mono compiler often hides real problems, behind errors about some constructs that he “don’t like”.

At first, I recommend you to check your code syntax with Visual Studio, and fix any potential problems (e.g. not specified variables types) you already have - this can change compiler “focus” and you probably see normal error message.

If it don’t help, please post snippet with the exact change you made, we can find solution together.