Use Static Functions across multiple challenges

Hey I re-use/copy-paste a lot of the same functions across multiple challenges and wondering if there a way to create your own set of static functions to your account and then reference them in your code using “include <my_static_functions>” or “using <my_static_functions>” etc. when you want to access them?

So basically asking to create your own library.

Yeah a library - i think that would be a really awesome feature.
Example if i write an Path Finding script I can simply include that library to each path-finding challenge I attempt etc.

If not a library then a least a central section where you can store code you wish to re-use in other challenges without digging up old challenges etc. to find it.

I think most people store those kind of utils on their own disks or online repos.
I’m not sure it would be very useful for CG to implement something here.

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