Validators visible in community clash submissions

Is it wanted/wise to show validators from other people’s submissions in the Community section of the clash contributions?
I understand it helps to find and debug possible issues/typos in the validators but some may also be tempted to prepare hardcoded solutions, especially in cases where the problem is complex and the output is simple.


It’s not a bigger problem than the copy/paste. But it can be a problem for shortest mode (hardcode solutions are most of time shorter).

Now that we have puzzle moderators, maybe the validators should be hidden from regular users?

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That would prevent regular users from finding validator bugs. You might as well prevent them from seeing puzzles altogether.

Well that’s supposed to be the job of the puzzle mods :slight_smile:

Is it? (can’t find any info about that anywhere)
I usually do it when I try them out. Along with a warning for spec holes discovered only through to-be-hidden validators.

Admittedly, it’s only a real problem for shortest clashes and even so it’s only potential.