[VIM]Conflict of shortcuts


I am a VIM lover (so thank you for having included it :slight_smile: ). I have just some conflicts problems : I like to use the Ctrl + V shortcut. However, it is also the paste shortcut. Is there a way to prevent the IDE from pasting things ? The VIM is also conflicting with my Vinium plugin, but I deactivated it so it is ok :wink:

I got similar problem, my keyboard layout use alt gr + space for underscore ( _ ) and the editor use this shortcut for something; see this

So I use an external editor, the real Vim ^^

It would be cool to have something like a mini vimrc file so we can remap some commands.
I personally use ‘jk’ instead of in the normal vim, and end up writing a lot of ‘jk’ when using the CG IDE for clash of code or a quick community puzzle.