Watchdog bot for the irc channels?

Would it be possible to add some resident bot on the irc server to prevent the flooding trolls that we occasionally get?

While they can be funny in their way on a slow day, it can really be disruptive when people are actually trying to help out each other and there’s not always an admin at hand.


I agree, it would probably be a good idea to have something in the IRC Chat to make certain stuff is kept civil.

There have been no incidents so far–but that is just due to dumb luck.

Otherwise, an alternative would be to at least have an ingore feature.
I thought /ignore was a standard command of plain irc, I’m surprised it doesn’t seem to exist here.

/ignore is a client feature. That tells the connection at the client end to not accept information from a specific user mask.

It can be evaded by changing your user to a different mask. If it were to be part of the server, it likely would be part of nickserv.

Which… does the IRC here have a NickServ, BotServ, ChanServ, etc. setup? o.o’