What are the differences between the IDE edit modes?

I looked trough the settings of the IDE and found the edit modes. What are the differences between those? I couldn’t really found a satifiying answer on my research.

The keybindings are different. But for the Emacs mode it doesn’t really work, the browser hotkeys get in the way.

So what are the key bindings for Emacs and Vim? Is there a list somewhere?

For the default mode see here.
For Emacs and vim (that list seems incomplete, not even mentioning macros) you should know these editors, the hotkeys are probably the same - I never tried them.

Edit from 3 and a half years later: CodinGame uses a different editor now. For shortcuts click here.

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Thanks for the links! :smiley: The other editors I have never used so I guess the Emacs and Vim mode are not relevant to me.