What exactly are the forum profile banner/icon dimensions?

So… I just attempted to give my forum profile an icon and well a banner image… and it didn’t work out that well.

It is basically an awkward looking set up based upon not knowing proper media dimensions…

What exactly should I size any images… and let’s also through in the Cod In Game profile as well too?

Your question isn’t clear, what do you want? Can you reformulate?

I can upload pictures to make stuff look personalised.

Those locations I can put pictures in have dimensions of which the pictures would be sized and shaped.

What are those dimensions? Width and Heights and stuff like that.

Oh ok, it seems taht you need to upload a square picture for profile, and in the forum it is viewed as 45x45px.

Okay… and what about the banner (also called “header”) picture on the forum profile? As well as the profile and banner images on the CodinGame profile (which appears to use two completely different images… and seems to have them be different sizes)