What is the password set by codingame by default?

Hi. I recently created an account in codingame using my GitHub account. After that, I went to my profile settings and noticed that there is a password already set. As Codingame didn’t ask me to set any password, I don’t know what the default one is. Also, I fear if the default password is my GitHub account’s password.

Anyway, it would be nice if I could reset it.


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It’s not the github one. You can reset it if you want to.

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But to reset the password, I need to know the current password. I don’t know it!

Happy to hear that

You should be able to use the forgotten password system to reset it.

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Thanks for your help @RoboStac. I used the forgot password and reset the password successfully.

Just for clarification, if you registered with GitHub, there was no password associated with your account. Until you used the “reset password” feature.

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