When is the next multi-player contest?

Any plans for the next multi-player contest?


Yeah what is the team doing? Oh wait…

Nobody knows.

I have heard that there will be more single player contests (2 pb - 3h) than multiplayers (1rule - 2 weeks) for now… Is that right ?

Seems to be right since after a single player contest, a new one is planed :frowning:

The game should be designed based on the last survey. :’(

 Do you prefer Solo or Multiplayer Contests?	  100%
     	I prefer Solo Contests		        64.32%
     	I prefer Multiplayer Contests		35.68%

— Is your child a boy or a girl?
— Yes.

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If the vote were about the ratio, this 2 solo for 1 multi would have been exactly my choice :grinning:

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Damn those casuals ! Having no life during 2 weeks is fun, we need more multi !


So true ! Multiplayer challenges is where the real fun is !

I agree with you guys, I prefer the multiplayer challenges for many reasons:

  • it’s hard to find good multiplayer contests on the net, it’s less usual ;
  • it’s less stressful: you don’t have to spend 4 hours non-stop behind your computer, you can take a break or spend 1 hour on it every day for instance ;
  • you have the time to really think about your algorithms and learn new ones ;
  • I really enjoy talking strategies on IRC to find new ideas ;
  • usually there isn’t an optimal solution so you can always do better.

But one kind of contest cannot replace the other. Solo contests also have advantages:

  • takes only a few hours ;
  • if you don’t have much time you still have a chance to be well-ranked ;
  • measures how fast you are and your current knowledge (you don’t have the time to learn a new algorithm).

All of this makes me wonder: could we also do a multi-player contest for only 4 hours? Eventually, we could also let it open for 2 more weeks and then do another official ranking. Another solution could be to think about a solo contest that could be easily modified to become multiplayer.

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Like the next one ? 404 spoil not found.

Still waiting for the next multi-player contest. Just noticed that the next contest is in September and once again it is single-player. Sorry guys, but I am quickly losing interest in this site.

I miss multiplayer contests as much as you do. While you’re waiting, I’d suggest you try the old ones : they can be pretty fun too :slight_smile:

Also you get to cheat (a bit) by reading the TOP3’s “Code review” :slight_smile:

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@dimkadimon ?Dude if you are eager to play multiplayer why don’t you try out the ones that are already there, like tron battle or platinum rift 2 etc.

And I definitely agree with @maxime_cheramy Multiplayer is waaayyy more fun :grin: and as he said there is no optimal solution :slight_smile: The problem with Solo-Contests is like the one who types the fastest wins ( unless its optimization) so to give everyone a fair chance a week long Multi-Player Contest would be awesome.

Btw where was that poll conducted ? I dont remember voting.

How about a game like controlling armies and stuff. Something like Age of Empires where you can control units and attack your enemy :hushed: :grin:

But obviously not as complicated as AoE. Something on a much simpler and smaller scale. Im sure if we ponder
we can find a suitable balance in game.What do you think :slight_smile: Let me know

Multiplayer are fun, and much awaited for. I would be very happy if half of the world wide contests, were multiplayer. Although i’ll probably try to participate anyway, if at all possible.

Thinking something like a fighting game with punch kick or block maybe?


You mean like Platinum Rift? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Doing multiplayer contests after they finished is little fun. I like the “live” aspect of it as I can see myself climbing up the ranks. Without this it is boring. Plus I’ve done most of them anyway, except Tron.

I would love to see this. Something 2D like Street Fighter would be cool.