Where are the instructions for a past contest?

It’s fun to see the leaderboard and a replay of a contest but without the instructions given to contestants I don’t see the point.


Instruction are not given there as it’s only aimed to keep tract of everyone ranking.

However every contest become a puzzle, you can then look at the instructions at that time. For example, for The Great Escape, go to “Games”, then the “MULTIPLAYER” tab, and you’ll find it on the top of the page.

Did you just wanted to see the instructions just to do so, or was there any need behind that may change our mind?

I just want to see what a past contest was all about

So if I want to see a contest instruction I need to skim all games?

Since there is no link from a contest to its game and the title of a contest differ from its game title, do I really need to make the link by the game and contest icon picture?


contest title      | game categ    | game title 
code of the rings  | optimization  | bilbo s forest - output length
there is no spoon  | single player | APU: Init Phase

yeah you have to, sadly, but the two example you provided are solo contests, in multiplayer contest it’s much easier to see which contest is which puzzle.

But hey, you just found a new feature to do! are you happy @yohannjardin ?

I do agree with hdorio, definitely.
I can just say to the team: “hey, I like this idea, could we implement a feature that solve this issue someday?”

So yeah, it might change in the future, but I do not think we will prioritize it as we have some marvellous features to implement first. :wink: