Where can I find a mobile app developer?

Evening everyone,
Doing software development for past few years and facing same problem again and again - hiring new people. Looks like korean random for me. Every time i do it, i feel like im proposing to a Disney princess or talkingin someone into felony. Maybe there are special forums\sites for developers hiring i’m not aware of? If so, please, you make me enlighten

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Looks like you might not be looking for special forum, but to change your attitude. Finding right people to do the job is always not that easy in any trade, so get yourself ready for it. Be patient, be open for meeting new people and you will find what you looking for!

All i can say - before you hire someone, you should make up your mind and decide - does he has the reqiuered skill and will it be the person who really capable of doing the job?
And as always, RTFM https://vironit.com/how-to-hire-an-app-developer/