Which of my submissions is used to rank me?

Hi there,

Yesterday, 1h before ending the Hypersonic contest I submited a new version of my code with new strategies. Before submitting it I was rank 35 on silver league. The thing is, it was taking too long to validate my new submission and as the time was running out I was afraid that it would get a worst score than my other submission. So, to play safe, I re-submited my 35º/Silver code.

My question is: If my code get worst result than other code in my history, on the final ranking I would be scored by my last submission or by my best submission? (Didn’t find this in the rules)


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The ranking is computed with the code used in the Arena so the last one submitted.

Wouldn’t it be possible to make use of my best scoring algorithm?
Using the last one prevent people from risking on the last hours of contest…

Short answer: No :smiley:
In a singleplayer contest this would make sense (and it’s also done this way), to only look at your best score. But how would you determine what your “best” code is in a multiplayer game? The are no scores and the performance is only measured relatively to other players. The same code might get ranked 35 today and ranked 150 in 3 days (because your opponents are getting better)… So if you reach rank 35 on the first day of the contest, should rank 35 be reserved to you for the rest of the contest?

The only way to do this would be to consider every submission of every player in the final ranking, which would make it take forever (or longer :smiley: ) to reach a stable ranking.