Wondev Woman - Fun replay

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193 - 0


but how? I thought you were forced to build somewhere valid every turn. And why isnt your piece being pushed to the SE?

There is a rule which says that a build (which appears legal based on the visible information) gets cancelled if there is a hidden player in the way. Note, if you do MOVE&BUILD, only the BUILD is cancelled. If you do PUSH&BUILD, I both parts are cancelled.

If they removed these moves from the legal move list, then it would make clear there is a hidden player in that spot.

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@oyefremov there are two pushes, that fail, in the video, but only the NE push, makes sense that it was blocked, the SE push doesn’t have a hidden unit, so I am not sure why it dosen’t move the unit SE

Top push is SE E.

omg, I had missed bold part of the line:

A unit may not push another in just any direction. It must be the same as between them, or one of the two closest directions.
thank you for the answer

Not dead, still have a valid move!


endless war!

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I recently saw a situation which very much looks like yours: not dead but no valid move, then the living dude kept punching.

The one difference is that the guy had no other choice than punching forever. Poor thing.

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Every game over 200 moves deserves to go here. Someone should just scrape the last battles section…

Totally fair spawn

Fog: Check
Don’t do the same move 2 times in a row: Check
Opponent scores points: Check
Final result: 175 : 10