Wrong chat language for my country

I’m from Ukraine. But the default chat language for my country for some reason is not Ukrainian, but Russian. Why Russian?!! Russians are our enemies, so I don’t want to read their messages. But the Russian chat cannot even be deleted.

/ leave
You cannot leave this channel.

Why am I not allowed to leave an unpleasant chat? It is also impossible to hide all chats, they appear again and again. I had to change the country to Germany to avoid unpleasant language.

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I think the main reason is that there are so many languages in the world that it’s complicated to create and maintain a channel for every possible language.
So they created channels for only a limited number of languages, and when you come from a country whose language doesn’t have a dedicated channel, they try to match you with the closest existing language, and it might be a bit unfortunate sometimes.

It would be nice if you could change this default behaviour in the parameters, like chose another regional channel or even no channel at all.

Ukraine has a heavy ongoing history with Russia, but saying Russians are your enemies on a casual programing web site is pushing it a little don’t you think ?

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Regardless of who hates whom, it would be nice to have the option to choose whether it opens by default or not. And for that matter, why don’t we have a US (or English) channel? The other countries seem to talk more freely without the spotlight that #world brings.

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Well I agree, Ukrainian and Russian are not even the same language.

There are a few other such instances where your default chat is based on proximity with other countries.

Ongoing conflict between countries is another reason to not force people into the same chat by default.

@YurkoBurko I understand how you feel, but the Russians here aren’t political leaders. Try not to take it personal when talking to them. Strongly doubt, anyone here agrees with what has been going on.

EDIT: Closing. Don’t like the drama. So far everyone got along despite historical and ongoing issues. Prefer to keep it that way.