Wrong word or bad translation in Community Puzzles, Results, Publish code

When you’re asked if you wish to publish your code, you see the following:
“Publish your solution and gain XP
Sharing your solution will help the community discover new ways to apprehend each puzzle. Once published, others will be able to comment on and vote for your solution. For every upvote a solution of yours gets, you gain some XP.”

I believe the writer meant “new ways to comprehend each puzzle.” Because apprehend is to capture. To be apprehensive is to be anxious and nervous. To comprehend is to understand.


if I trust WordReference which I always use, “apprehend” second meaning is “understand”.
Is it that shocking? (in french, we have also both meanings, but it seems fine to me)

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Hello. I wrote that. And although you make your point well, I can’t say that I agree. When I look up the definition here: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/apprehend. I see To grasp mentally; understand and To become conscious of which is what I meant.
This dictionnary also informs me that the archaic meaning of the word is To anticipate with worry or dread.

So maybe I’m completely wrong, which does tend to happen often I must admit, or my sentence is fine.

Okay, fair enough. The definition fits well, though the connotation may not. Far be it from me to decide what most people think about language, but it could be confusing, due to how similar it sounds to ‘apprehensive,’ which is far more widely used. And to comprehend doesn’t have as many alternative meanings.

However, I’ll let it drop if everyone else is going to.

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I agree that it’s not very clear.


https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/apprehend <- the usage notes on this are pretty interesting


Anyway, it seems like it’s not a very common use of “apprehend”, and has a slightly different connotation from “comprehend”.

  • danBhentschel

It’s correct, but not common, usage in American English. Comprehension would depend on how well-read your audience is. College educated programmers? Probably pretty good. Average American? Nope.