XMash Rush back as a normal game?

Is XMash Rush is going to be back as a ‘normal’ game like some old contest ?
Because of work and university exam, I wasn’t able to put time in it, but still want to try it again.


Yes, it will.

Creators are fixing the deadlock issue. If not this week, it will be published during the first week of January (we close for 1 week)


This week!


What will they fix exactly? In my opinion loops are not really an issue of the game but an issue of the bots which don’t take them into account. Even if I agree the game could be shortened in some cases (I guess it won’t take into account loops of two or three actions).

Why do I say it is an issue of the bots? Because the first version of my bot was very defensive. I didn’t try to change my action in case of deadlock and draw score. I was in gold league and my bot didn’t lose many matches. However there were like 50% of draws because of infinite loops of same actions. I could reach top 20 after 90% of matches. Then I changed my strategy and I decided to take the initiative to change my move in case of detected deadlock + draw. Even if I knew I could give a point to my opponent by playing a worse action. The idea was: if my bot is better, there will be other opportunities to score. And it worked. My bot lost more often but also won more often. And I was able to reach top 20 after 10% of matches.

My conclusion is: this is to the bots to solve the deadlocks if they want to perform. That said it is a little disadvantage for the losing player. So if I would change something, I would perform the action of the losing player (and ignore the one of the opponent) in case of deadlock to balance the game (intuitively at least, it would require testing).

If, for 10 turns of “PUSH” in a row, the labyrinth hasn’t changed, the game stops. So it shouldn’t affect your strategy.

Some of us also think that bots should take loops into account. However, loops created scores of uninteresting and useless long games.

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Hello! What’s the status on this? I’d like to have Xmas Rush back as a normal game, too :smiley:
Much like the OP, I didn’t have much time to put into the game, but I’d love to have the opportunity to try again.

Huh, weird. It isn’t listed here (see screenshot). However, “Code a la Mode” is in this list.


Oh, damn, yes, it is. Sorry, I’m blind :smiley:

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