"You can do it" achievement not unlocked while it should have


I played in the “back to the code” contest, but my “You can do it” (submit your code during a contest) achievement is not unlocked. I was ranked 1066th. What’s the matter?

Thanks in advance.

I had the same issue, but then it unlocked when I submitted code for another puzzle while the contest was running.

Now I have the same kind of issue as the OP: the “Hundred are behind me” and “Fifty shades of code” haven’t unlocked while I’m ranked 31st on Back to the Code. But maybe the ranking is still not final yet?

Sorry about that, your comments made us realize that we forgot some conditions to check the unlock of those achivements on Multiplayers contests (like Back to the Code). We will fix it tomorrow and you will get the achievements and the associated points.

Thanks for the but report


EDIT: I just read that this is because the submit test case differs from the test case I can actually see and because I’ve essentially hardcoded the answer based on altitudes instead of velocities, the lander is actually expending more fuel in the submission case.

It seems this bug is still present. I participated in the ghost in the cell contest, have a rank (so obviously submitted), but the achievement didn’t unlock.