Mars Lander - Puzzle discussion


I don’t understand why but topo (table of ints here) is full of zeros except for the first position which is correct… Can someone help me understand what I did wrong please ?

int [] topo = new int[7000];
for (int i = 0; i < surfaceN; i++) {
int landX = in.nextInt();
int landY = in.nextInt();
topo[i] = landY;


salut quelqu’un pourrait m’aider je suis bloqué au premier niveau est je ne vois parce qu’il faut faire. de l’aide ?


hello someone could help me I’m stuck at the first level is I do not see because we have to do it. help ?


You have to print thrust each turn so that the lander lands without crashing.


I need help with level 1


Ok. I still can’t understand what I have to do:neutral_face::persevere:… Can someone please give me full code about this…? in C++…?


On Lev 1 please…


Why not the full code for Nintendo?