Platinum Rift II - Your Maps

I think that there is a problem with all links in bold.
I understand why you added the bold style. It seems that links are not really visible without.

I’m going to change the default style of links to highlight them more clearly. In the meantime, you should remove the bold style around the link to make it work.

Well, apparently, it seems to be a bigger bug than just bold style. Some links seems to be too long for the forum. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are investigating on the problem.

The only workaround at the moment is to open the link in a new tab (CTRL+CLICK or Middle mouse click)

Here is a random map idea.

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Maybe some have a pb with the length of the URL in their browser ?
… maybe we have to use a “tiny url” here.
However with chrome it seems that all links work.

Apparently the forum does not handle correctly long links. We will update it later to avoid this kind of problems.

We have patched the map editor to generate short links (and we have updated long links of all comments to avoid the bug)

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can continue to share your ideas and vote for what you like :wink:


[Here][1] is a map for this rule. I let you improve the concept. (Release a new patch, invocoder ! 12:08 9/12/2014)
Heberger image

Edit : According to the specifications, here is a low definition Map. (157 Active Hexes)
Heberger image


The large map problem should be fixed now (refresh the map editor to have the short link version). I hope that you did not lose the link :wink:

Am I too addicted or is the map inspired by LOL map? I can recognise some monster camps, bushes and walls :smiley:
We need to put ressources near to towers and biggest ressources at nashor and drake :wink:

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Thanks you, problems solved !

That’s right ! But it’s so hard to draw with hexagons

Nooooooooooooo that was my idea for next week :’( :’( :’(

Sorry :’( but we have to play on a map like this with your rule, can’t wait for the next week ! Anyway if someone can draw a better map than mine, i’ll be pleased to delete my post :wink:

OK Here is my first map

Although it seems like I was inspired from the Stracraft map ‘Scrap Station’, it is actually Tux wearing the Dhoko’s gold armor :wink:

Resources and initial spawn should keep the map symmetry, and I suggest as a new rule that we could only spawn new pods on our own hex : No teleportation allowed, we have to reach resources by feet instead of just spawning on it.


The squashed frog:

It would be more convenient to :

  • ADD cells by clicking or holding LEFT click
  • ERASE cells by clicking or holding RIGHT click
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MOBA STYLE MAP from SaiksyApo
I would suggest to reinforce the ‘3 lanes’ feeling by removing the holes from them and add more walls in the ‘jungle’…

As cup_of_tea said, add ressources along the lanes might help too :wink:

something like this


Can we had ressources (platinium spawn) on the editor?
Edit : => Answer : No ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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For now, there is no specific rule to spawn players and resources. But we could add this feature to the editor later if you have great ideas about that.

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Multicontinent map Multicontinents

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There could be resources and player spawn points, if we want to move towards the MOBA styled matches…

Until then, my map: Spiral arms

Inspired by a similar map in Heroes 3 :wink: