Platinum Rift II - Your rules

There could be additionnal none constant Platinum resources spawning each round,
A pod should get to the zone to pick it up.
No Pod spawn allowed on the zone maybe.

Here is my proposition:

  • During a fight the player with the more PODs looses one less POD than the other player if the other player is reduced to 0 PODs
    exemple: Player 1 has 8 PODs on zone Z, player 2 has 6 POD on this zone
    turn 1 : 8 vs 6 --> 5 vs 3 at the end of turn
    turn 2 : 5 vs 3 -> 3 vs 0 at the end of turn (instead of 2 vs 0)

Exemple 2: Player 1 has 2 POD on a zone, while player 2 has only 1 POD
Turn 1 : 2 vs 1 --> 2 vs 0 at the end of turn

This would push players to stack PODs to attack while it’s also more intersting to disperse PODs to control more zone -> dilemma :wink:

I like this, but that would violate rules of not modifying round input

Maybe a little obvious and/or game breaking rules but here it is:

  • Set a spawn point/zone for each player
  • Player can buy pods only in spawn zone and 5 hexagon away from their captured zone.

Here an image from a game that i know that use the same system: you can only buy new tower in your respective area.


I’m a little concerned about those poor lonely pods that can’t move. We need to find a way for them to get alive.

Maybe a non moving pod that has successfuly defended a zone from a given number of attack should be rewarded and gain the ability to move.

Or maybe a pod that is surrounded only by friendly zones occupied by friendly moving pods could feel brave enough to start moving and go to fight ?

This is a war and pods need to help each others to win the battle !

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As I mentionned in the maps topic, I suggest as a new rule that we could only spawn new pods on our own hex : No teleportation allowed, we have to reach resources by feet instead of just spawning on it.

It makes sense with our homemade maps that use a lot of corridors and hardly reachable areas.


Oh yes, you’re right, i forgot !

There is something I don’t get : for the new less expensive/static POD, how can it be made without changing input/output ? Do you mean we will have only these static PODs at our disposal ?
or will you modify the input/output to add these PODs and they will be present until the end (By that I mean: will we have to take them into account for house rules ?)

We will change the input for specific pods. You can add something to the input/ouput that doesn’t break previous code. You can propose a new kind of POD, change the behaviour of a POD / resource. Add new possibilities of ouput / action.

Production for zones should decrease with time as they becomes exploited, or in other words the total amount of platinum on the map should be finite.


hi, I’d like to try a rule where you can move your extra attaquing pods to enemy zone. The current rule is that when you are in fight on an enemy zone you can only move (or retreat) to your own zone. The new rule would be that if you have more pods than the enemy, those extra pods can move (and attack) to adjacent enemy zone. This way we have to strenghten the defense strategy and also we have more strategical opportunities to attack. I would still keep the ‘max 3 pods lost per zone’ in order to temporize the attack and defense.
my 2 cts

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Hi, new rule that will totally change the gameplay. Sorry for those who wanted to keep the same code !
You need to have as many pods on a tile with platinum to get the income it should provide in the usual game (making non-moving pods very usefull). If you have less, you get less. If you have more, move your pods if you can :wink:

Exemples :

1 pod on a 1 platinum tile => 1 platinum
1 pod on a 6 platinum tile => 1 platinum
3 pods on a 6 platinum tile => 3 platinum
0 pod on a 6 platinum tile => 0 platinum
6 podS on a 1 platinum tile => 1 platinum

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I suggest the rule “Satisfaction or your platinum back !”
When a pod is destroyed at the same time as it is spawned, the cost/purchase of the pod (20 platinum bars) is canceled.

I think this rule would just slow down the game, but not change it.
A little bit extra coding will be necessary though :slight_smile:

After destroyed pods some “wreckages” of platinum could remain on the zone, which could be collected by pods going to the zone. ^^


Pretty sure that a hunting strategy would be a lot more appropriate than a rush on tile with high value !

Make defense penalty.
To defense you need 1.5 pods more.
2 attackers - 3 defenders = 0 : 0 left
1 attacker - 1 defender = (0.5)1 attacker left
2 attackers - 2 defenders = 1 attacker left
In this case it has sense to retreat and fight back.

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I would propose the opposite solution: attack penalty. I’m not sure about the ratio, but 1.5 also should do the job.


Move over the sees

  • user can move any pod to any zone which is not adjacent to the current one.
  • it will cost him number of platinums which depends on how far is the new zone.
  • we can visualize it by Pod Carrier that moves the pod from place to another, and the platinum needed is the fuel that makes it move.

How would you define the distance between two zones? Manhatan distance adapted to hexagonal coordinates? Eulerian distance? Minimal path length separating two hexagons (impossible to move a pod from a island to another one)?