There is no Spoon - Episode 2 puzzle discussion


Can you use linear solver with python ?
It’s true the problem really look like a flow problem from linear programming …


I am not a professional developer (I am analithis, I interested in algorithms). I am solving puzzles on CodingGame for fun. I have wrote a Class on javascript for solving Linear Programming task. Rewrite it to Python… For what?
Linear Programming really has a problems. I just solved the Ticket to Ride puzzle as Linear Programming task and can not pass tests 18 and 19, due to some problems (algorithmic? technical?). The main problem is there is no one to discuss to, I am investigating the problem alone.



I’m stuck on tests “Expert” and “CG” because the input() function never retrieves the last line.
It just hangs on, waiting.
Yet the code is fairly simple:

width = int(input()) # the number of cells on the X axis
height = int(input()) # the number of cells on the Y axis
grid = list()
for y in range(height):
…line = input()

Anybody experiencing the same issue ?