There is no Spoon - Episode 2 puzzle discussion

Feel free to send your feedback or ask some help here!

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Really liked the problem. I can’t wait for some editorial!

The puzzle can be found here:


Two questions:

  1. How can someone’s code? As far as I remember, it should be opensourced.
  2. Can I change my solution and test it just for fun after contest?
  1. You can’t. The open-source statement was an old feature not available in the new site due to the achievement system. We are working on it.

  2. You can. -> "View Repor"t to get access to your code.Then, try the contest in the puzzle section Medium / Hard

You can change the language to english in the footer, much more understandable for me than german


Indeed :thought_balloon: :smile:

Seriously? 1h30? Looks more like the time to adapt an already working algo than coding it without any prior knowledge of it.

From what I experienced yesterday, it was totally possible in 1h30.

First puzzle was a matter of minutes, and second one wasn’t hard if you divided the problem correctly.
I had a solution which didn’t check graph connectivity and crossings after 1h10, graph connectivity was a matter of minutes, crossings too but I lost at least 30 minutes because of an inverted boolean. Then I had to add a strategy for last test because PHP weren’t fast enough while the exact same algorithm in C++ didn’t need it. So without my dumb mistake and the last test timeout, I would have finished in about 1h40 instead of 2h20 I think.

However, it depends on what you’re meaning by “without any prior knowledge of it”. Because though I didn’t know Hashi puzzles, I knew other similar ones and that helped me a lot to find an easy strategy. Also, graph connectivity isn’t easy if you’re not comfortable with graphs, otherwise you can do it without thinking.

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My solution currently passes all tests except the last three.
The last one because of crossing links, but on CG and Multiple solutions 2 it says:
“Timeout: The APU needs more than X connections to function.”
X being 30 on CG and 20 on Multiple solutions 2.

The problem is I can see my algorithm setting all links correctly, but the platform tells me it fails even though I see it works in the visual interface.
Can someone explain to me what I’ve done wrong? :smile:

Thanks, Julien

Can you post a screenshot of the visual rendering of your links to help us to understand better what it might be?


“The links must connect all the nodes into a single connected group”, You have more than one connected group of the nodes.

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You are missing one of the rules:

Here, you created several groups that are not interconnected.

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Oh, I am very dumb then. Sorry for the inconvenience!

@SaiksyApo right now for me at least the viewer is bugged so it only display the first test and not correctly.

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We already improve the player for the next release.

I have tried to recode it tonight. I came up with a simple bruteforce method that could pass 9/13 tests in one hour (better than my contest score which only did six), and later added some simplifications to help it get its way up to 11/13 tests.

and that’s all I can get! (my bruteforce just timeout on CG and expert) Looks like I can’t “divide” the problem correctly yet! I guess it is as hard as it looks if you don’t know how to code the required algorithms.

Hello everybody. I just finished this test, three weeks after the contest. I had to write some functions of tree building to pass the crossing (and for others exercices on cg), because while the contest, i was using arrays and did only 54%.
So i got it without tree path, and only logical testing : isolated nodes, link matching, …
On some complicated tests, logic isn’t enough, and some luck is needed, so i watch only the next situation to decide… and luck too ;)… and all tests passed but the CG test.
For this one, i use a trick because it is a sort of drawing and not a logical test as the others, so i have just to test if the map is sort of drawing or not… and it does the work.


what strategy would you apply for the following map:


I’m about to fork the context recursively multiple times and see what path will finish. Does someone has a better idea?


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