This is where you will find all the puzzles of the previous challenges and will be able to ask all your questions on how to solve them. Use to share your personal code reviews, too.

Feedback & Bugs

Use this category to tell us your general feelings about the platform or report bugs and fixes

Platform Evolution

This is the place to discuss about the evolution of the platform: new features, reworks, vision...


If you want to create a "programming related" post but it doesn't fit in an other category, feel free to use this one then.

Apps & tools

This is the place to tell the world about the apps and tools you crafted for the CodinGame platform


Tell us your how was your experience with the contests

AI Battles

Talk strategies, ways to improve your own bot, and more!

Programming languages

Here is the place to discuss programming languages. Don't be shy, no question is too simple or too complicated. Please, do not post here if your question is about a puzzle, a contest or anything that relates to the CodinGame platform (there are other categories for that purpose).