Botters of the Galaxy multiplayer challenge discussion

I had already tried what you describe but it doesn’t work well:

  • After killing the second wave you need a few turns to be on ranged so you only have 2/3 turns without enemy minions
  • The ranged minions are too far to aggro the enemy hero

You can see it on this replay :

Beside that, not pushing fast makes you very vulnerable to pull under tower.

About slow push I don’t know… I’ve also tried things like this (surely not as well as you describe, I’m not a Dota player so I’m not familiar with deny ^^) but the main problem seemed to be the poke from Ironman and the fact that it’s difficult to come with a big wave.

Anyway, I agree with the fact that diving is way easier to implement, so it’s not a problem for me if the anti-dive strategy is better than the dive one at top ranks.

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