Changing the contribution type (CoC to CP and vice versa)

How can I change the contribution type from Clash of Code to Classic Puzzle and vice versa?
I have a contribution which, as people think, is too easy for Classic Puzzle, but fits perfectly in Clash of Code format.

I can imagine that it is possible to create a new contibution with proper type and copy name, statement, input and output descriptions, constraints, stub generator code, testcases and validators one-by-one, keywords, etc… then delete the original contribution. But…

  1. this sound pretty boring and error-prone
  2. it is not possible to copy community feedback (comments) from original puzzle, so it will be lost
  3. I don’t even know how to delete original puzzle, and I don’t want duplicate puzzles (even if they differ by contribution type)

Surely there must be an easier approach.

No, there isn’t an easy way to change the contribution type (and I agree there should be one).

As for deleting the puzzle, try looking for the “Remove” command:

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