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If you have a sample that requires 3A and you have 1A in expertise, then you only need 2 molecules of A to complete the medicine.


It looks like my robot stops while reading the samples. I put a print in the reading loop, and it tries to read 14 samples but there is 13, and so I have a timeout after reading the thirteen one and waiting for another input.

At least that’s what I think is happening, or there is a really weird bug in my code.

Your code timeout:
Timeout: the program did not provide 1 input lines in due time… sohakes will no longer be active in this game

So either you’ve got a runtime error, or you didn’t print an output. Either case, there is a bug in your code.

Sry Nazim, indeed the game summary could say “downloads sample 50 from the cloud”

As you probably understand, we cannot have 2 samples with the same id in the game, so when both players ask for the same sample (before bronze), it gets cloned and the “second” one gets another id.

However, I’m pretty sure that you can see that you’re carrying sample 50 in the inputs and not sample 0.

You can gather any available molecule you want. You don’t need a sample to do so.

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Maybe someone can help me get back on the right tracks… i did not find the solution for this error despite lots of tries…
At first stage of difficulty (wood2) i get an error like this:
Invalid CONNECT: the sample (random number) is not available

As i understand it fails to download a sample that is just being taken by other player. How am i able to avoid that thing?

This might help you:

i will have a look, thanks!

Okay, but which of the following statements are true?

  1. If I go to laboratory with sample ‘1’ and ‘2’ and
    1: 2A 2B
    2: 2A 2C
    and I connect first with ‘1’, then when I connect the ‘2’, it will cost only 1A 2C.

2.If I go to laboratory with sample ‘1’ and research it, after that, if I go to laboratory with ‘1’ again, then it will cost 1A 1B. But the sample ‘2’ will cost 2A 2C.

  1. Something else :smiley:

I hope I could write down, what my problem is :S

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

  1. that depends on your previous expertise and what expertise you gain for sample 1.
    It is true under the condition, that you don’t have any previous expertise in A or C and that sample 1 gives you expertise in A.

  2. you only get expertise in one molecule per sample.

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Thing is, the timeout happens while reading the input. It thinks there are 14 samples, but it reads 13 of them and then waits for my output… but I’m still trying to read the last sample that doesn’t exist, and so it timeouts. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to check how many samples are there while the other player is diagnosing his, and for some reason it doesn’t show me that sample?

I think it’s unlikely there is a bug in my code since it happens in the input code that came with the game and I didn’t see it happening again. But yeah, maybe it’s my fault too. That was the only time I saw, so no problem.

Currently undiagnosed samples can be handed in without restriction, the problem statement says that samples must be diagnosed before being used in the lab. linjoehan managed to setup a proof of concept

A pull request has be sent no idea if it conforms to internal style or if it even runs since we don’t have the full environment.

Edit: The specific text from the rules is ‘Connecting to this module with CONNECT id where id is the identifier of a diagnosed sample data the player can research, will have several effects:’ so this may not be prohibited by the rules, if that’s the case some clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks, I think I’m closer now :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the PR but we usually don’t change anything in the referee after wednesday. We updated the statement instead so this should be considered as a viable strategy. :wink:

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Are you sure ‘viable’ is really the appropriate qualification of this strat ?

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If you’re losing :stuck_out_tongue:

Show us a replay

Thx , problem is resolved.

Possible bug in this replay:

My projects are:

At frame 352 I get the points for project 0, but at step 354 I don’t get the points for project 2. My expertise is 54444 so it’s guaranteed that I should get the points for the last project here.

That’s because Magus finished that project first.