Coding Contest: Summer Challenge 2023

Yeah, that is fun and instructive to see the solutions of other people. But I cannot see the detailed results for myself. Am I the only one?

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The registration form had a question about whether to collect your stats or not (which is why the leaderboard on detailed stats page is smaller than the official leaderboard as some people opted out).

The codingpoints for contest are still not in the CodinGame calculation (i must have over 5.000 instead of 3.800 points).
Why it is not calculated and when would it happen?


The only form I submitted was for entering the contest as I’m automatically registered for future events :slight_smile:

Two things on this contest:

  • SQL, finally…
  • at the end of a working week quite hard to find time for this contest. Next time, hope it will fall on a week-end…

Same for me. For some reason, these contest points don’t seem to be taken into account.


Hi all.
Very fun to do something else than a bot.
Where can we find the solutions ?

In the detailed leaderboard.

We can see solutions from others. But what about the explanation fo the mystery simulator ?

I guess you may ask here or on Discord.